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Mura's Licensing and Engineering Partner


KBR, delivers science, technology and engineering solutions to governments and companies around the world.

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Global Reach

As the exclusive Licensing and Engineering Partner of Mura, KBR enables the identification of new markets for our process, providing engineering and technical services and equipment to develop sites for international clients.

KBR’s position at the forefront in the provision of innovative technologies offers Mura Technology world-class development opportunities within the petrochemical sector.

The partnership provides an opportunity to global clients looking to establish scalable, next generation advanced plastic recycling capacity in both new and existing infrastructure.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that KBR will offer Mura's innovative, next generation plastic recycling process for license to clients to efficiently recycle end-of-life waste plastic and convert it into a feedstock for new plastics. This technology aligns with KBR’s commitment to sustainability by reducing lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and the volume of waste that enters landfills and the environment, whilst contributing to the growth of the plastic circular economy.”

Doug Kelly
KBR President, Technology

Global License Sales

The Mura and KBR partnership, beginning in 2021, has already resulted in the licensing of the HydroPRS™ technology by several international petrochemical firms.

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Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan

Mura Technology and KBR announced the first licence agreement with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC), a core company of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group, in June 2021. MCC conducted a detailed feasibility study into HydroPRS™ with KBR providing engineering support.

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LG Chem, South Korea

A new partnership and licence sale between Mura, KBR and leading global chemical producer LG Chem was announced in January 2022. This partnership will support the continued international roll-out of HydroPRS™, with the first project in South Korea to initially recycle up to 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually.

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GS Caltex, South Korea

Mura Technology and KBR announced the sale of a technology license to GS Caltex in October 2022.

This 50,000 tonne per annum advanced recycling facility will convert waste plastics into raw materials for conversion into new plastics.


Key information

  • At what sites can the process be installed?

  • What is the difference between HydroPRS™ and Hydro-PRT℠?

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Licensing Discussion

To begin a discussion around licensing the HydroPRS™ process, please contact KBR.