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Our global roll-out plan and ambitions are supported by strategic and pro-active partnerships from each sector of the plastic value chain, including the petrochemical sector, consumer brands and waste management.




Resin Producers

Resin Producers

Use of Mura’s circular feedstock will remove reliance on fossil feedstocks to transition into a truly circular economy.

Feedstock will be available on long-term contracts to petrochemical industry partners.


Manufacturers & Consumer Brands

Manufacturers & Consumer Brands

Recycled hydrocarbons from Mura’s HydroPRS™ process will help brands reach recycled content targets whilst reducing the need for costly packaging redesigns.

HydroPRS™ is a pathway to circularity and Net Zero – a strong message of action to consumers.


Waste Management

Waste Management, Mechanical Recycling & EfW

HydroPRS™ is a cost-competitive alternative to incinerating and exporting waste plastic whilst reducing associated CO2 emissions.

Global recycling partners will supply Mura with high plastic content feedstock on long-term contracts.


HydroPRS™ - Plastic Conversion / Recycling

HydroPRS™ - Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling System

HydroPRS™ will serve as the enabler for a truly circular economy, providing a commercially viable alternative to incineration and landfill for end-of-life plastics.

Efficient roll-out will result in significant amounts of advanced recycling capacity across the world.


Product Upgrading

Product Upgrading

Mura and KBR are working to establish and provide optimised product upgrading for maximum conversion efficiency of HydroPRS™ feedstock.

Upgrading will, in future, be offered as a standard bolt-on option to the core process, to facilitate integration into existing refineries.

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Mura welcomes enquiries from the plastics recycling value chain.

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At the start of 2021, Mura aligned with KBR, a leading international provider of science, technology and engineering solutions, to support the global rollout of HydroPRS™ and the identification of new markets for the technology. KBR will provide engineering and technical services as well as equipment to develop sites for global clients.

“We are extremely excited to announce that KBR will offer this innovative plastic recycling process for licence to clients so they can efficiently recycle end-of-life waste plastic and convert it into a reusable feedstock for plastics or other valuable chemicals production. This technology aligns with KBR’s commitment to sustainability by reducing lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and the volume of waste that enters landfills and the environment, whilst contributing to the growth of the plastic circular economy.”
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Doug Kelly

KBR President, Technology
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In April 2021, Mura Technology announced its partnership with Dow, marking an important step in Dow’s commitment to advance a circular economy for plastics and keep plastic waste from entering the environment. Dow will play an important role as a global manufacturer of plastic, proving that Mura’s solution can meet both the sustainability and scaling needs of the industry.


In addition to investing in Mura, Dow will act as offtaker for some of the recycled hydrocarbon products produced at ReNew ELP, Mura’s first HydroPRS™ site to develop new, virgin-grade plastic for applications such as food packaging.

“We are committed to enacting real change to stop plastic going to waste and accelerate moves towards a circular economy. We know achieving this goal will take major innovation and investment and we can’t do it alone. That’s why our partnership with Mura is so exciting and why we believe it will form a key pillar of our recycling strategy going forward.”
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Marco ten Bruggencate

EMEA Commercial Vice President, Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Dow
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In December 2021, Mura partnered with CPChem, following an equity investment from their subsidiary, Six Pines Investments LLC. This new agreement constitutes a major development in the advanced recycling market as Mura aims to be the world’s largest producer of recycled hydrocarbons, whilst CPChem has the goal of manufacturing at least 500,000 tons per year of circular polyethylene by 2030.

“CPChem and Mura believe waste plastics should not end up in landfills, as they can be circularly recycled into new plastics for use across a wide array of applications. CPChem believes that solving the global problem of plastic waste will require innovation, investment and cooperation throughout the entire plastics value chain. Six Pines’ investment advances CPChem’s ambition to reduce waste and reuse as a valuable resource, accelerating change for a sustainable future.”
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Benny Mermans

Vice President of Sustainability at CPChem
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Mura completed an equity investment from LG Chem, a leading global chemical producer, in January 2022. In addition to becoming a shareholder in Mura, LG Chem secured a licence for Mura’s advanced recycling technology via our licensing and engineering partner, KBR. Construction of this first waste plastic advanced recycling plant in South Korea using Mura’s hydrothermal process commenced on March 30th, 2023. A ground-breaking ceremony, held at the Seokmun National Industrial Park in Dangjin, south of Seoul, was attended by government officials and executives from Mura and LG Chem, including Mura’s CEO Dr Steve Mahon, LG Chem’s CEO Shin Hak-cheol and Head of Petrochemicals Noh Kug-lae.

LG Chem is pleased to announce an investment into Mura Technology. By purchasing a licence via KBR, we will construct our own hydrothermal recycling facility using the process. We see this as an extremely important step towards tackling plastic waste pollution and slashing the carbon emissions which threaten our environment. LG Chem vows to play a major role in achieving sustainable growth and net-zero goals as a leading company in the chemical industry.
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Shin Hak-cheol

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Mura partnered with igus GmbH. in 2020 via a strategic investment to support roll-out of Mura’s HydroPRS™ process. The family-run company based in Cologne, Germany, are global leaders in developing and producing motion plastics and have sustainability at the core.

“This could be the solution the plastics industry has been crying out for. Plastic, as a material, has many great properties and applications which make modern life possible – but it must be sustainable. We’re proud to be partnering with Mura to pioneer truly recycled plastic that doesn’t compromise on quality, ultimately resulting in a cleaner, greener and thriving natural environment.”
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Frank Blase

CEO, Igus

Partner with Mura

Mura welcomes partnerships from the entire plastics recycling value chain. Get in touch below to discuss how supporting the global roll-out of HydroPRS™ gains access to recycled hydrocarbon feedstocks and packaging optimisation.