Technology to Change the Face of Plastic Recycling

Plastic is a useful, reliable material that has enabled huge advances in modern life, health and transport, but poor management, low perceived value and a lack of global infrastructure to support its recycling has led to environmental pollution through plastic leakage, landfill and incineration. With approximately just 9% of plastic produced to date having been recycled, this valuable resource is being lost. Mura Technology hold the key to turning the tide on waste plastic.

Mura’s HydroPRS™ process utilises the Cat-HTR™ technology, which employs supercritical water, heat and pressure to convert waste plastics into valuable chemicals and oils by breaking down the long-chain hydrocarbons and donating hydrogen to produce shorter-chain, stable hydrocarbon products for sale into the petrochemical industry, for use in the production of new plastic and other materials, offering a recycling solution for all plastic types and in turn helping to create a circular economy.

Mura’s HydroPRS™ Process

Mura's HydroPRS™ Process

Process Advantages

The process exhibits a high conversion efficiency

The technology is scalable due to improved heat transfer

End products will be REACH1 registered

High yields (up to 85% DAF)

Controllable reactions and process flexibility

Does not generate toxic by-products

An Innovative & Efficient Process

The use of supercritical water provides:

  • An organic solvent
  • A source of hydrogen to complete the broken chemical chains
  • A means of rapid heating, avoiding excessive temperatures that would lead to excessive cracking
  • A scalable process

This innovative conversion process is efficient, with over 85% of the mass of plastic (daf) converted to hydrocarbon product.

Additionally, it can process mixed, contaminated plastics (such as from food and paper), without need for segregation, including multi-layer flexible plastics. Target feedstock is post-consumer, end of life plastics including PP, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET and PS.

Plastic to Chemicals & Oils in Just 20 Minutes

Following conversion, four commercial products are produced by flash distillation, each with established and growing markets:

  1. Naphtha
  2. Distillate Gas Oil
  3. Heavy Gas Oil
  4. Heavy Wax Residue

All products are being currently being registered under REACH1 to allow export into the EU. The full process takes just 20-25 minutes.

The Process


Waste Plastic Clean
and Shred


Melt and


Mix with Steam




Cat-HTRTM Reactor




Product Separation


Product Storage

Working to achieve a sustainable,
plastic neutral future worldwide.


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