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Holding the Key to Recycling Plastic Waste

Mura Technology have a vision for the future of plastic recycling across the globe. Instead of sending material to landfill or polluting the environment through incineration, Mura have the technology to recycle all end-of-life plastic waste back into valuable chemical and oil products.

Mura holds the key to recycling much higher quantities and varieties of plastic – those that are currently considered unrecyclable. The Cat-HTR™ technology is a chemical recycling solution that uses supercritical water to convert this plastic waste into useful chemicals and oils. These can then be used to create new plastic products – reducing the need for fossil resource, keeping plastic out of the environment and contributing to a low-carbon, plastic neutral and sustainable future.

The Reality of Waste Plastic

The impact and burden of end-of-life plastic and its effect on human health, wildlife and the environment is ever prevalent in the news, and is now lodged in the conscience of society.

With steps in plastic reduction small, and with over 350 million tonnes of plastic being produced annually across the globe1, a solution is urgently needed to tackle the rising volume of waste plastic that is currently disposed of via landfill and incineration, and that which leaks into the ocean and the environment.

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