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ReNew ELP Win Twice at the Rushlight Awards

17 February 2020


ReNew ELP started the year on a high note, with a double win at Rushlight 2020.

The conference, exhibition and awards ceremony were held this year at Westminster. The conference was split into three streams; Cleantech, Resourceful and Sustainable Solutions, with Steve Garbutt delivering a ReNew ELP presentation to the Resourceful audience, followed by sitting on a panel Q&A to close. The day provided a great opportunity to meet and discuss with clean technology solutions, alongside highlighting our technology progress in the advanced recycling sector.

Following the conference close, focus was shifted towards the evening’s awards ceremony.

  • Rushlight Resource Recycling Award
    Awarded to the most significant technological or innovative development in the field of recycling inorganic material. The winner of this category would go through to the overall Rushlight Resource Innovation Award.
  • Rushlight Clean Environment Award
    Awarded to the most significant technological development or innovation that prevents, reduces or treats pollution or noise or other such contamination of land, water or air.

The team were delighted to accept the award on behalf of the ReNew ELP team for the Rushlight Resource Recycling Award, and after collecting were back on stage again, having won the overall Resource Innovation Award. The awards were presented by Professor Sir Ian Boyd.

ReNew ELP’s use of hydrothermal liquifaction technology HydroPRS™ will see the site become the world’s first commercial scale site to convert plastic feedstock into valuable chemicals and oils, reducing the need for fossil resource in the manufacture of plastic, and seeing plastic diverting away from incineration, landfill and the environment.

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