Date: 07th of Jun 2018

ReNew ELP, Mura Technology’s first commercial scale Cat-HTR™ partner, have opened their UK office at the Wilton Centre, a science and business park in Redcar, Teesside.

With plans to run up to 80,000 tonnes of waste plastic annually, the securing of office space and headquarters brings together a team of highly experienced engineers, scientists and business development experts to move the project forward into commercial processing.

Initially, ReNew ELP will recycle 20,000 tonnes of end-of-life plastic per annum, but have planning consent for a further three lines, with a potential total capacity of 80,000 tonnes annually.

The patented Cat-HTR™ (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor) process uses supercritical water (at high pressure and high temperature) to recycle a wide range of feedstocks – turning end-of-life plastics  back into stable synthetic oils and valuable chemicals. 

Richard Daley, Managing Director, ReNew ELP, said:

As the centre of the UK’s chemicals industry, Teesside is the ideal location for our first plant and head office. The many benefits of being part of a process industry cluster convinced us to choose the Wilton Centre, as the region boasts a skilled workforce, vital infrastructure and utilities, and a large number of potential feedstock suppliers and customers for our products.” 

The technology was developed by Australian company Licella over a ten year period, including intensive testing at a pilot site in New South Wales.  

Working to achieve a sustainable,
plastic neutral future worldwide.


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