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Mura Technology Announce Global Licensing Partnership with KBR

14 January 2021


Mura Technology has today announced a global partnership with KBR, a leading international provider of science, technology and engineering solutions, to support the global development of its proprietary technology, HydroPRS™.

KBR is now the exclusive licensing partner of Mura, enabling the identification of new markets for the technology and providing engineering and technical services and equipment to develop sites for global clients. KBR’s position at the forefront in the provision of innovative, game-changing technologies offers Mura Technology world-class development opportunities within the global petrochemical sector.

HydroPRS™ is an advanced recycling process that uses supercritical steam to convert plastics back into the chemicals and oils from which they were made. The supercritical steam acts like molecular scissors, cutting longer-chain hydrocarbon bonds in the plastic to produce shorter-chain hydrocarbon products. These can then be used to produce new, virgin-grade plastic and other materials, or reused in other sectors, such as in roads. HydroPRS™ can recycle all waste plastics, including those considered unrecyclable, such as multi-layer, flexible plastic films, pots, tubs and trays that are currently incinerated or sent to landfill.

“This technology is revolutionary. We face a global plastic pollution disaster, as only a minority of plastic waste can be recycled – the rest goes into the ocean, incineration or landfill – at great expense. Meanwhile, we take more oil out of the ground to make new plastics. We want to change the way the world thinks about plastics – not as a waste product, but as a valuable resource – using our technology to forge an environmentally friendly, plastic neutral and sustainable future. KBR is a natural partner for us to achieve this vision – a global leader with the capabilities to support the licensing of our technology around the world. This partnership will accelerate our plans to help eliminate plastic waste from the environment.”

Dr Steve Mahon
Chief Executive Officer

“We are extremely excited to announce that KBR will offer Cat-HTR™ for license to clients so they can efficiently recycle end-of-life waste plastic and convert it into a reusable feedstock for plastics or other valuable chemicals production. This technology aligns with KBR’s commitment to sustainability by reducing lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and the volume of waste that enters landfills and the environment, whilst contributing to the growth of the plastic circular economy.”

Doug Kelly
KBR President, Technology

HydroPRS™ has the potential to help eliminate plastic waste, recycling all types of plastic to create a true circular economy, and preventing plastic from going to incineration, landfill or polluting the natural environment. It can also cut carbon emissions; each tonne of plastic processed via advanced recycling saves 1.5 tonnes of CO2 compared to incineration. Instead, waste plastic can become a resource, creating a circular plastics economy and decoupling the manufacture of new plastics from fossil fuels. Mura plans to have 1 million tonnes of global plastic waste recycling capacity in operation or development by 2025. The world’s first site is in development in Teesside, UK.

Alongside the KBR partnership, Mura retains the ability to develop its own operational recycling capacity, with the first HydroPRS™ site currently in development at Teesside in North East England and plans to increase to over three times its initial size. Mura also has also identified development opportunities in Germany and the USA, with exploration into Asian markets underway.


About KBR

We deliver science, technology and engineering solutions to governments and companies around the world. KBR employs approximately 28,000 people worldwide with customers in more than 80 countries and operations in 40 countries.

KBR is proud to work with its customers across the globe to provide technology, value-added services, and long- term operations and maintenance services to ensure consistent delivery with predictable results. At KBR, We Deliver.


For further information, please contact:

Will Spragg

Oliver Borek
Global Head of Business Development

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