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Mura Technology are at the forefront of an exciting new technology for recycling plastic. By connecting and uniting with partners, we aim to:

1. Provide a recycling solution for plastic streams currently sent to landfill and incineration

2. Allow Governments and Local Authorities to increase recycling capacity and meet targets

3. Produce a low sulphur and low oxygen oil for use in plastic and wax manufacturing

Aside from access to this innovative and game changing technology, by working with Mura technology, we can offer the below advantages to our industry partners:

For Our Development Partners

  • Development-ready sites in the UK and Europe, with all permits and commercial agreements completed
  • Patented technology package
  • Unique technology insurance
  • Investment grade EPC contractor and design support
  • Off-take contracts for products
  • Finance partners

For Waste Managers

  • Recycle waste plastics under both short and long-term contracts
  • Engineered on-site plant solution
  • Achieve Government-set recycling targets

For Customers

  • Opportunity to supply a low sulphur crude oil to comply with impending regulations linked to the circular economy and MARPOL and RED II legislation

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