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Following extensive trialling and testing of the Cat-HTR™, we know its capability and ability to change the face of recycling and plastic waste management across the world. We’re now both working with and looking for new opportunities to integrate the technology into current recycling strategies and provide a solution to the growing problem of end-of-life plastic re-use.

Our first partner site, ReNew ELP, is based at Wilton Centre in the North East of England. Currently in their final stages of site planning and development, the build is set to commence Q1 2021, and its completion will see the world’s first hydrothermal conversion site in operation.

Their team of engineers and consultants are working to fine-tune the full process, including waste processing at the beginning and storage at the end. They will initially process 20,000 tonnes of waste plastic waste per year, rising to 80,000 tonnes once all four planned lines are completed.

Mura Technology are developing a global portfolio of Cat-HTR™ sites, including the UK, USA, Germany and Japan, with the target of 500,000 tonnes of plastic recycled annually.”


As well as developing commercial sites, Mura are dedicated to harnessing the potential for change by using Cat-HTR™ for community, sustainability and environmental benefit.

We recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Timor-Leste to install a Cat-HTR™ site in the country. The project, which has attracted attention from The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, aims to reduce waste plastic and make economic, social and environmental improvements.

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