Striving for
a Plastic Neutral Society

The effects of plastic pollution are global; from microplastics in the food chain to incineration emissions and landfill leakage into the ocean, the lack of effective recycling solutions creates a circular problem – from environment to wildlife to human health.

We strive for a #plasticneutral approach, which comes from developing a circular plastics economy. By moving away from the traditional linear model of create-consume-dispose to one of make-consume-recycle, we:

  • Convert plastics destined for incineration, landfill or the environment
  • Extract the value from waste plastic, that would have otherwise been lost
  • Reduce the requirement for fossil resource in the production of plastic
  • Allow plastic to remain a part of our everyday lives, with a strong recycling model to ensure its after-use

By achieving the above, we become #plasticneutral – continuing to use a product that has so many benefits, whilst ensuring it is responsibly managed.

The Cat-HTR™ technology doesn’t have a limit on the number of times plastic can be re-used – it offers infinite product recycling. There is also no requirement to pre-dry feedstock, opening up the opportunity for recycling ocean and river plastic.

A Circular



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