Date: 19th of Jun 2020

In June, Mura joined with The British High Commission in Malaysia to launch the BluHope campaign in celebration of World Oceans Day on the 8th June 2020. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of protecting the world’s oceans and biodiversity from plastic pollution and highlighting the innovative new technology available to tackle it. The campaign is also partnered by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment and Water, WRAP, Plastic Oceans UK, TimorBlue, Asia Dive Expo, ZuBlu and YTL.


World Oceans Day marked the beginning of a week-long programme of online resources and activities on the website, including a comprehensive schedule of webinars from experts from within oceanic academia, environmental protection, plastic recycling  and underwater filming and diving, including Paul Rose. Click here to view the incredible line up of webinars and speakers.

Each day of the programme was themed, with Wednesday 10th June focusing on Innovation for a Circular Plastics Economy. In line with the theme, Managing Director of ReNew ELP Richard Daley delivered the webinar ‘Chemical Recycling of Plastics: Turning Waste into a Valuable Resource and Helping to Prevent Ocean Pollution’. This discussion highlighted the important role Mura’s Cat-HTR™ (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor) chemical recycling technology can play in recycling plastic materials currently considered ‘unrecyclable’ via traditional mechanical recycling, and so are sent to incineration and landfill, often resulting in leakage into the environment.

The Cat-HTR™ technology uses supercritical water, heat and pressure to recycle multi-layer and flexible plastic materials back into valuable chemicals and oils for use in the manufacture of new plastic materials. This provides both a recycled feedstock and an alternative process to process waste plastics that would not normally be recycled, whilst helping to enter plastic into a circular economy. The first site, ReNew ELP, is in development in Teesside, North East England, with additional global sites in the pipeline. The technology demonstrates a complementary solution to sit alongside traditional mechanical recycling to create a circular economy. This innovative process goes hand in hand with efforts to reduce single-use plastic and helps to both reduce plastic pollution of the oceans and create a plastic-neutral society.

Mura CEO Dr Steve Mahon says:

“A circular economy for plastics is essential to transition to a world where we manage and use our natural resources responsibly, efficiently and with due care for the natural world. We are delighted to support the BluHope initiative and for our Company to be a leader in this movement towards a plastic neutral future.”

The schedule also featured a series of online panels with International speakers, discussing topics including oceanic biodiversity and protection, and sustainable tourism. Mura Technology’s partner Plastic Oceans UK showed their stand-out film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ on each day of the programme.

Founder of Plastic Oceans UK Jo Ruxton says:

“When I decided to produce our film, A Plastic Ocean,  I was determined to include solutions to give our audience hope that would lead us out of the plastic crisis that was unfolding. Now I know about Mura Technology, I wish we had been able to include it in our film; the fact that there are considerably lower emissions when compared to incineration is just one of the many advantages to this method and in my eyes, puts it at the forefront for technology to recycle plastic waste without affecting the environment. This is upcycling at it best and for the #BluHope campaign offers real hope for a greener future.”

The BluHope campaign is also aimed at encouraging school children in Malaysia and South East Asia to explore the effects of plastic pollution on the environment and to think about their own use of plastic with the Plastic Detectives activity sheet – asking children to identify quantities of plastic packaging used within their own home across the week, reporting their findings into the BluHope website. These activities are interactive and home-based, and available in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and English. The Malaysian Ministry of Education is promoting the activity by actively engaging 10,000 schools in Malaysia with the lesson plan and activities.

BluHope is the third phase of the British High Commission’s ongoing Green is GREAT Plastic campaign, of which Mura are feature brand, and will continue to be an industry-leading resource hub.

Working to achieve a sustainable,
plastic neutral future worldwide.


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