Date: 01st of Oct 2019

Mura Technology are excited to announce that the Cat-HTR™ technology has been acknowledged during the United Nations’ General Assembly as an innovative technology to help solve the world’s plastic pollution and contribute to a plastic circular economy.

During an annual statement to the United Nations Assembly, the Australian Prime Minister, The Hon Scott Morrison, spoke predominantly about the many environmental challenges the world faces, addressing firstly the importance of the protection of the world’s oceans from, among other things, plastic pollution.  A key concern of the Australian government and their pacific island neighbours is plastic pollution, and the Prime Minister highlighted Mura’s technology, the Cat-HTR™, as an innovative solution to tackling this problem.

“New technologies are coming online with the potential to recycle used plastics into valuable new plastics – creating a circular plastics economy. These include innovations like ‘bioplastics’ – compostable plastic replacements and technologies like the ‘Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor’ – an innovative Australian designed technology that converts end of life plastics into waxes, diesel and new plastics. These innovations show us a truly circular economy is not only possible, but achievable.”

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

The Prime Minister called for a global plastic policy that is not dependent upon large levels of state intervention and instead, urged governments to support chemical recycling industry leaders in order commercially sustainable waste plastic management operation can be established.


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