Partnering with Ocean Generation – Protecting Against Plastic Pollution


Mura Technology are pleased to announce a new partnership with Ocean Generation, aligning strategy and ethos as we push towards establishing a circular plastics economy, and a plastic neutral future.

Ocean Generation work with businesses, scientists and policy-makers to highlight the effect of plastic pollution on oceans and wildlife. Their award-winning documentary “A Plastic Ocean” is available on Netflix. Ocean Generation recognise and endorse Mura’s technology and its potential to help stop all waste plastic reaching the ocean within a decade, the founding vision of Ocean Generation.

Our partnership with and endorsement by Ocean Generation ensures a long-term relationship and scientific link between those looking to protect the natural world from the effects of waste plastic, and those that hold the technology to prevent plastic pollution. Whilst our goal is to deliver a business solution to the recycling of waste plastics, we also hold a core principle that we want to produce a positive social and environmental impact where we operate.  Our partnership with Ocean Generation is an important part of our business ethos to assist us in measuring our impacts.”

Steve Mahon
Mura Technology CEO

Having encountered plastic waste in the ocean and on the shorelines of the remotest part of our planet whilst filming for the first BBC Blue Planet series and in subsequent underwater wildlife documentaries, I felt it was time our audiences knew the truth behind those perfect images in our films. During filming for A Plastic Ocean, I witnessed the plastic problem at the centre of three different oceans and on the most remote islands including Tuvalu in the Pacific. Being there with families who were drowning in plastic waste really made me think about the rest of the world – if Tuvalu was to represent the entire land mass of our planet, might this be a snap-shot of the future for all of us if we don’t stop our ‘addiction’ to single-use plastic? We are delighted to be supporting Mura and ReNew ELP – their technology deals with plastic waste effectively and without harm to the environment. It is just what we all need to clean up the waste that is already there, impacting on our rivers and coasts and ultimately affecting our health. Being able to clean up and prevent harm sustainably is so important to us and we want the Mura’s technology to be available globally to recycle plastic back into beneficial use – and not cause pollution for decades to come.”

Jo Ruxton
Founder of Ocean Generation

By partnering, Mura endeavour to reduce plastic waste leaking into natural systems, as part of a circular plastics economy.

Working to achieve a sustainable,
plastic neutral future worldwide.


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